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We spend our time finding the best veterinarians in the country who are looking for a new challenge, relocating, wanting to enhance their skills in a different area or just to change practices for any number of reasons. We get to know them, exactly what they are looking for and what they want from their next practice.

Using our experience we then find suitable practices, only then do we reach out to you. We want to learn about what you are looking for and if a veterinarian we are working with would be suitable. If we put them forwards, you can be sure that the veterinarian will be suitable, has all the necessary skills and can start as soon as possible!

We will submit their resume and arrange interviews (phone, video, in person, working) so you can get to know them as well as we do. We will assist in negations over pay and contract. We are on hand throughout the whole process to serve you as our clients!

The reason so many practice owners use us is that, unlike expensive ads that have no guarantee of success, you only pay once the employment with the veterinarian has been agreed. You have full control over who you hire but can be assured of their quality coming through us.

We take the hassle out of finding your ideal veterinarian and guarantee results!
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